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We love to share the tips and trends that help make life better for seniors and their families, and here’s where we do it. Please enjoy our articles about food, activities, lifestyle, health and family harmony right here. We’d love to share your comments with other readers.

The Merion Resident Celebrates Northwestern’s March Madness Victory


As Beverly Roitman sits in the lobby of her home at The Merion, she watches in anticipation as the Northwestern University Wildcats play in […]

Millions of Reasons to be Thankful


  Although it is sometimes difficult to realize, especially in recent months, the season for unity, compassion and togetherness is upon us. With this […]

Game Day


For months, Chicagoans have been holding their collective bated breaths as the Chicago Cubs work feverishly to clinch the World Series title. It’s been […]

Making Alzheimer’s a Memory:


According the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s disease is currently the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, and the number of Americans living […]

The Meaning of Mindfulness


We require food for fuel, water for hydration, and exercise for physical health, but what about our overall well-being? In the fast-paced world we […]

September is National Aging Month


If you believe that your best years are behind you, think again. Scientific research has just proven you wrong, and September is the month […]

H2O to the Rescue


The human body is made up of about two-thirds water, so it would make sense that we would need to replenish this resource daily […]

A Healthy Perspective Is Often A Gut Instinct


As most of us know, experiencing a healthy lifestyle is an essential part of living a happy and vigorous life. Although challenging at times, […]

Wine & Music: A Winning Health Combination


It is easy to get confused these days between what is ‘healthy’ and what is ‘unhealthy’. With ever-changing slogans and catchphrases, and continuously shifting […]

Intergenerational Programs: Bonding At Its Best


We all grew up learning the importance of teamwork, cooperation and respect. After all, most of the joys in life involve creating new experiences, […]