3 Reasons to Move to a Senior Living Community

Many older adults desire to stay in their family homes as they age. This is understandable. You’ve built a life in your home, perhaps raised a family. It’s a familiar, comfortable place that’s full of memories. In some ways, it represents the success you’ve had in life.

But aging in place is not always the best choice. You’ll find that retirement communities have unique offerings for a rich, fulfilling life.

“Even when you’re able to outfit a home to meet your changing needs, the choice to stay at home might mean you miss out on making the most of some of the best years of your life. The services, amenities, and vibrancy of community life could be just what you need for a thriving retirement,” says Matt Whetstone, director of sales and marketing at The Merion.

Indeed, community living could ignite your curiosities, support your goals, and inspire you to take on new adventures. Keep reading to learn more about how life at a senior living community could exceed the familiar life you know.

1.    You’ll enjoy a simplified, maintenance-free lifestyle.

One of the most appealing aspects of senior living is the freedom it offers older adults. You can live with more ease and less responsibility at an independent living community. The floor plans available in senior living give you the chance to rightsize into an elegant space that truly supports your habits and lifestyle.

“At The Merion, you can choose from studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom rental options, either furnished or unfurnished. Apartments have ample storage, step-in showers with seating, and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen,” says Whetstone.

Along with finding your perfect retirement home, senior living staff members will take on many household responsibilities for you, freeing up your time and energy so you can pursue the activities you love.

At a community like The Merion, you can expect:

  • Weekday daily housekeeping
  • Weekly laundry and linen cleaning
  • Interior and exterior maintenance
  • Guest suites for family and friends
  • All-day dining in multiple dining venues

2.    You’ll engage in social activities and events.

Social opportunities can wane after retirement as older adults change their daily routine. While there are ways to stay connected when you live at home, there’s nothing quite like the ease of finding fellowship at a senior living community.

Seniors often choose a community because of the engaging environment. Senior living offers residents a calendar full of recreational activities, lifelong learning opportunities, and programming to support holistic health.

“We cater to a variety of interests and needs when we plan our activities. We incorporate music, arts and culture, social engagements, and spiritual wellness. Additionally, several clubs have formed around common interests, and informal gatherings occur in our game room, arcade, library and bakery,” notes Whetstone.

Both a home and a community, senior living offers older adults convenient and fulfilling ways to stay connected, continue growing, and enjoy new experiences. This kind of engagement is good for mental health and physical well-being, and it’s something you might miss out on if you choose to age in place.

3.    You’ll receive professionally coordinated care.

You might find yourself at a point in your life where you’re still able to live independently, but you need a plan for successful aging. It’s possible that your family members won’t be available or equipped to navigate your ongoing health needs. In this case, you’d probably appreciate having a professional to consult if you’re faced with needing additional care.

Staff members at independent senior living communities like The Merion can help advise you if your health needs change.

“At The Merion, our Care Coordinator creates an individualized health service plan for you that involves an assessment of your needs, conversations with your family members, and communication with your on-site and off-site health providers,” explains Whetstone.

Those who age in place can run the risk of overlooking preventive measures to maintain their health or having to depend on loved ones to keep tabs on their health and wellness. At a retirement community, your health is a top concern. Senior living staff will support you as you maintain your daily wellness and will coordinate care in the case of an acute health need.

A Dynamic Senior Living Community in Evanston, Illinois

The Merion is an independent senior living community in a beautifully renovated historic building in downtown Evanston. In all areas of life, residents thrive here. Schedule a visit to our modern, metropolitan community just minutes from Chicago.