A Rental Lifestyle Residents Are Thankful For

We are entering the season of gratitude, and for seniors living at The Merion, our residents are thankful for the luxurious senior living and rental lifestyle they enjoy.

“There are so many senior independent living options available for older adults these days, and we’re thankful for residents who choose to make us their home,” says Matt Whetstone, Director of Sales and Marketing of The Merion, the urban senior living choice in downtown Evanston, IL. “Retirement communities come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re proud that our rental senior living provides flexibility and freedom for those who want to enjoy their retirement to the fullest.”

Why is our rental independent living lifestyle something to be thankful for? Here are just a few of the reasons why residents are thankful for life at The Merion:

A maintenance-free lifestyle.

Do you want to spend your retirement years dealing with home upkeep, yard maintenance, cleaning, cooking and other boring tasks that come with owning a home? Our residents say “heck no” … and instead, they’re enjoying a maintenance-free lifestyle that takes care of all the details so residents are free to do exactly as they please. Our residents don’t even have to cook anymore if they don’t wish, thanks to the delicious dining options available on campus. It’s all the time in the world to do the things you want, without having to do anything you don’t.

Financial freedom.

Rental communities, unlike other types of communities that have a hefty entrance fee, don’t require a lot of red tape or for you to tie up a big chunk of liquid funds. Instead, rental communities are pay-as-you-go in a way, which means that your money stays liquid and you’re able to do with it as you please. You can use your funds to start a foundation, travel the world, pay for grandchildren’s college or whatever else you’d like to do. That’s definitely something to be thankful for.

Complete flexibility.

The only thing constant in life is change, and it’s entirely possible that your retirement 10 years down the road may look significantly different than now. Depending on how your dreams and goals change, maybe you’ll want to move somewhere else or try something completely different. A rental lifestyle gives you the ability to flex your life as your dreams change, if that’s what you desire, which provides peace of mind knowing that you aren’t going to have to cut through a lot of red tape to get what you want.

Luxury services and amenities.

A rental lifestyle gives you all the benefits of senior living – health care options, delicious dining, services and amenities and everything else – without paying a huge entrance fee to get it. For our residents, this means enjoying the vibrant urban lifestyle of downtown Evanston alongside a thriving community of interesting peers. It’s everything an active senior could ever want from their retirement lifestyle.

“We invite you to take a look at the rental retirement lifestyle at The Merion and see why our residents have so many reasons to be thankful,” says Matt. “In fact, we hope you’ll be inspired to join us and find your reason to be thankful this season and beyond.”

The Merion: Where All Doors Open to the Heart of the City

For those seeking a senior lifestyle burgeoning with intellectual stimulation, rich friendships, myriad opportunities to immerse themselves in culture, and a city at their feet, there’s no place like The Merion. Located at 1611 Chicago Avenue in downtown Evanston, The Merion offers you a city. All of Evanston is at your door, with its shopping, entertainment, dining, lakeshore, cultural opportunities and everything else you know and love.

The Merion is truly retirement living elevated to a higher level. Comfortable, well-appointed rental residences are designed for independent living, with conscientious staff taking care of home maintenance, housekeeping and laundry. Dining is superb, with a renowned culinary team on board for delectable meals and magical desserts. The Merion Wellness Center is available for 24/7 emergency response, as well as routine health services. À la carte assistance-in-living support is also offered daily, while MerionCares, the proprietary health and wellness program, provides countless ways to age well and wisely.

For more information about elevated senior living in Evanston, please contact us by calling 847-250-0667.