Aging in Place

It’s a trending term, which sounds good…aging in place. The thought of spending retirement years within the comfort of your own home sounds appealing. But how is it going to work out realistically? There are important factors to take into consideration when weighing the option of aging in place, rather than moving to a retirement community.

• Home maintenance and everyday tasks can become challenging. Do you want to spend your free time mowing the grass, shoveling sidewalks or fixing the plumbing? A retirement community such as The Merion takes care of your utilities, housekeeping, maintenance and more, so that you can spend time doing what you want to.

• Physical health and/or memory changes can make it unsafe to stay within your home. The Merion provides on-site well-being services to ensure your peace of mind.

• Social withdrawal and isolation are terrible for one’s physical and mental health. As you age, you don’t lose the need for positive social engagement but it becomes more difficult to find. The Merion has an abundance of programs, classes, musical entertainment and opportunities to develop friendships and pursue interests and hobbies.

• Grocery shopping, cooking and healthy eating may become more of a challenge. At The Merion, there are fine- dining venues boasting menus with delicious and nutritious offerings.

“What our residents tell us again and again is that they wish they’d moved to The Merion much earlier. Living here, they have healthy, world-class meals, housekeeping, access to wonderful activities, a state-of-the-art fitness center, an on-site wellness center with 24-hour staff, and lots of new friends. The Merion affords you the opportunity to enjoy your retirement without the burden of home ownership,” said Margaret Gergen, director of leasing for The Merion.
As Seen in The Chicago Tribune