Game Day

For months, Chicagoans have been holding their collective bated breaths as the Chicago Cubs work feverishly to clinch the World Series title. It’s been a long time in coming. 108 years to be exact. Despite all of the bad luck, evil curses and lackluster players of past eras, nothing has diminished the zeal and passion of Cubs fans, who are unconditionally faithful to their team.


Interestingly, research shows that fan fervor is good for you. It makes you happier and healthier. Cheering on the Cubs, or any other favorite team, is linked to health benefits such as higher levels of joy, more social interaction and lower levels of loneliness and alienation. Sports psychologists have said that even more moderate levels of sports enthusiasm help establish connectedness with like-minded individuals.


Team spirit is integral to The Merion. Even though the Cubs have been very much in the limelight for the past season (and rightfully so), the fact is that there are other sports teams vying for our attention and affection. At The Merion, our partnership with Northwestern Athletics ensures that we keep our eye on the ball…the Wildcats’ football that is. There’s even the possibility that we are going to get out and shake our booties in a cheer dance performance at a men’s basketball game this winter. On a broader scale, you’ve gotta love da Bears, and don’t forget the champion Blackhawks.


Residents at The Merion have countless opportunities to come together and enjoy game day excitement…no matter what the game. And as we’re jumping up and down and hootin’ and hollering, keep in mind, this fan fervor is healthy!


Go Cubs!