Lifelong Learning at The Merion

Regardless of your age, learning rewards and invigorates you. Studies even show that curiosity and education can lower the risk of cognitive decline.

Many activities can be undertaken by older adults to improve their intellectual capacity and keep their minds healthy. Your intellectual well-being should ultimately be enhanced through behavior that keeps your mind active.

Where and how should you begin? What exactly does that look like? Fortunately, you’re in good hands with The Merion, a rental senior living community in vibrant downtown Evanston, Illinois.

Enjoy the Benefits of Lifelong Learning

At The Merion, lifelong learning is practically part of the lifestyle.

Whether you’re learning a new language, exploring new books, diving into history, or taking an online course, continuing education is available in university towns like Evanston. A four-block walk from The Merion is the Northwestern University campus, where residents often visit, audit classes, or enroll in Northwestern’s senior education program.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes (OLLI) offer noncredit courses with no assignments or grades to adults over age 50. In addition to a broad and intellectually stimulating curriculum, they also offer activities outside the classroom. The OLLI at Northwestern University is coordinated by the National Resource Center at Northwestern University.

Get involved in a community that encourages knowledge-seeking for its own sake. If you attend OLLI classes or participate in one of The Merion’s many clubs, discussion groups, or outings, you’ll meet residents taking part in:

  • Writers discussions and workshops
  • Current events discussions
  • Computer classes
  • Literary presentations and workshops
  • Multicultural programs
  • Contemporary roundtable talk

Check out the events calendar for this month by clicking here.

How The Merion Helps You Live Your Best Life.

Just minutes from downtown Chicago, The Merion is an upscale retirement community in Evanston, IL, that offers the independent lifestyle, location and amenities you want. We offer independent living with comfort, style, and the satisfying energy of a popular urban setting.Contact us today to learn about how you can make the most of the OLLI program at The Merion. You can also explore The Levy Senior Center, where many residents and older adults enjoy in-person learning and skill building classes.