Make it yours.

Home is a feeling.

For older adults considering options for independent living in Chicago, they’re looking for that feeling. Betty Chacharon, a resident at The Merion in Evanston, says the feeling started before she moved in.


“My moving experience was painless, thanks to the move-in team,” Betty says. “They suggested the appropriate movers who came to my home to evaluate everything, then made floor plans for all the furniture.”


On the actual day of the move, she says The Merion team really impressed her.


“They arrived at my home to supervise the movers, then went back to The Merion to oversee furniture placement, including emptying the wardrobes and putting the hanging garments in proper closets,” she says. “During it all, they sent my daughter and me down to The Emerald Lounge for lunch. The Merion made my move a happy experience.”

It’s not how big the house, but how happy the home.

Residents at The Merion can select from 1- and 2-bedroom floor plan designs. Studio apartments are also available. It was just the right fit for resident Bennie Tarnow, who recently downsized.


“The studio apartment has been great for me,” Bennie says. “There’s plenty of space for my clothes, plenty of light and plenty of comfort.”


More importantly, Bennie says it’s the lifestyle that matters.


“I’m a real go-getter, and I spend most of my free time in the community, going to activities and enjoying my space. The Merion is great!”


Community gathering spaces include a rooftop garden and terrace, fitness center, indoor pool, atrium with live music, arts and crafts studio, game room, library, and plenty of areas for meeting for a drink or bite to eat.

Home is where they understand you.

Amy Perez is a popular server at The Merion. “I love working at The Merion because it’s an opportunity to understand and work with seniors,” she says. “It’s a fun working environment that allows me to engage and build relationships with residents.”


“We’re the faces they see every day, so it’s important to me to always smile at them and show them how much I care about them,” Amy says. “I consider my coworkers family – and all the lovely residents who live here are also family.”


For Social Activities Director Tammy Potts, the benefits of the relationships with residents goes both ways.


“As I helped residents discover their own new interests, talents and friendships, I’ve experienced my own personal self-development,” Tammy says. “Again and again I’m reminded: What’s truly valuable in life is learning how to work with and enhance the lives of people.”


Take a look at the spaces of The Merion and 5-Star dining experience. Or schedule a tour and come experience it for yourself.