Merion Aging Well Conference

April 25, 2016

It seems that everywhere you turn these days there is a news outlet publicizing the ‘newest’ diet guidelines, the ‘most effective’ aging secrets, and the ‘best’ tips on healthier aging. Taking care of oneself is not rocket science, and the basics are obvious: exercise, eat right, get a good night’s sleep and try not to over-indulge. Why, then, does it seem like we are on an endless quest to find The Fountain of Youth?


Perhaps it is not staying young that we should be seeking, but aging well. After all, studies on successful aging have shown that genetics account for only one third of what predicts longevity, yet about two thirds is based on our personal lifestyle choices. Incorporating small everyday habits, such as having a positive attitude, maintaining social connections, cultivating happiness and trying new things, not only helps us live longer, but helps to make those years more meaningful.


On Friday, May 6th, The Merion will host The 18th Annual Evanston Aging Well Conference. This one-day symposium, a collaboration of over 20 participating city and senior service organization sponsors, will cover a wide array of helpful topics for older adults, their families, professionals and caregivers. The keynote presentation will be by Susan Cherco, Chairperson for the Age Friendly Evanston! Task Force and Audrey Thomson, City of Evanston Long-Term Care Ombudsman. They will cover highlights of the Age Friendly Action Plan.


Additionally, each year, the Evanston Aging Well Conference pays tribute to an Evanston older adult who has made an impact on the community through his/her interest in aging and service to the local community.  This year’s Aging Well Award recipient, Ellen Butkus, will be honored during the opening session of the Conference.  Ms. Butkus’ many accomplishments include being the founding director of Senior Connections, whose mission is to recruit, train and support volunteers who visit and befriend isolated older adults in the Evanston community.


These days, there is a plethora of information at our fingertips touting the secrets of aging, but the residents of The Merion and the city of Evanston seem to be on a collaborative mission to promote well-being on many different levels, and to celebrate life not as a race, but as a journey.


Click here for additional information or to register for the 18th Annual Evanston Aging Well Conference.