The Merion is a great find, regardless of the search engine

Lorraine Dahme got the 4-1-1 on The Merion, literally by calling 4-1-1. In 1965, Lorraine, who had never married or had children, recalled feeling very lost after moving her brother into a nursing home. “I really didn’t know what to do. I picked up the phone and called a Bell Telephone operator. I asked her if she knew of any retirement places. Seems in life that God has always directed me,” Lorraine said. The operator told her that she knew of what was then called the North Shore Hotel in Evanston. “She gave me the phone number and I called and made an appointment with the rental agent.”
Lorraine, who is now 94, has lived at The Merion for 30 years. With a major renovation of the entire building over the past couple of years, she moved from her original studio apartment into a stunning, updated apartment just down the hall. “This is much larger and simply beautiful. I’m happy here. My apartment is just lovely and it’s so up-to-date,” she said.
In a sign of the times, Felice Rolfes, who moved to The Merion this spring, “found” The Merion in a more high tech version of 411. “I Googled it,” she said. Living in Arizona at the time, Felice had decided she wanted to be closer to her Evanston-based family. She researched The Merion online, and sent her family over to check it out. “The first time I walked through the doors was when I moved here. It was like walking into the Waldorf Astoria,” she said. Felice loves the location and easy access to the many downtown Evanston amenities.
Augusta (Gus) Bloom found The Merion simply by its close proximity to her Evanston co-op apartment of ten years. “I lived just down the bock,” she said. Loving the location, but not wanting to have to deal with another harsh Chicago winter, Gus decided it was time to move. Living at The Merion, Gus has remained active with the surrounding community, volunteering frequently at the Evanston Library. However, with all meals and services offered at The Merion, she only needs to venture outside when she wants to. She’s increasingly becoming involved with programs at The Merion including an art club, an essay program and fitness classes, and enjoys the frequent onsite musical entertainment.
“With our long history in the community, it’s always fun to hear about how residents of The Merion have found us,” said David Sherman, director of operations who has been with The Merion for 20 years. “Their stories are always so different, but their great experiences here are the same.“
“The Merion was the name of an ocean liner which is fitting. We’re all treated like we’re passengers on a luxury cruise ship,” said Lorraine.
The Merion is a luxury senior apartment community for active, independent retirees seeking a hassle-free rental home in Evanston. Formerly known as The North Shore Hotel, The Merion has been totally renovated with upscale finishes and amenities. For additional information, visit
As seen in Buffalo Grove Patch.