The Third Age: Navigating Retirement

With an estimated 10,000 people retiring every day, researchers are increasingly seeking to identify the key to a healthy retirement. It seems the secret to staying healthy later in life depends on a combination of important factors; namely, a healthy lifestyle and a gratifying social life.

Some people may be able to navigate this life-changing period on their own and find a path that fulfills them, yet others may need some direction. Organizations such as Midlife Ventures, a non-profit helping those 50 years and older with career and life transitions, work to provide that peace of mind. The Chicago-area company hosts many events and partners with businesses to accomplish this mission.

One recent co-sponsored partnership, which kicked off this spring, joins MidLife Ventures together with The Merion senior living community. The series, called “The Acoustic Sound,” showcases musical entertainers of various genres in a setting that is conducive to an audience who does not want to travel to a bar or club to see great talent. This platform also gives musicians who are honing their craft later in life, the opportunity to perform for an enthusiastic audience.

Retirement is to an adult as the perfect note is to a musician. You strive for it and when it’s achieved the outcome is beautiful. Today, more than ever, the options for navigating retirement are abundant, and can even be overwhelming at times. Thankfully, there are organizations dedicated to providing support when it does.

We can all agree that getting the chance later in life to pursue what you love is the ultimate goal. So here’s to the third age!