Tips To Reduce Holiday Loneliness for Seniors

The holiday season is a special time of year.

It’s when you can gather with family and friends to reminisce, make new memories, and share in all the gifts of love. But for many seniors, it’s common to feel lonely or depressed during the holiday season, whether due to distance from the family, changing health, or a recent loss.

Read on to learn how you can reduce loneliness for the seniors you know during the holidays, including how independent living communities like The Merion can help. 

8 Tips for Reducing Loneliness for Seniors

Everyone can use a little help when it comes to brainstorming ways to help improve their loved one’s mood.

  1. If your loved one wants to talk, listen actively, even if it’s a negative discussion. Even if they’re grieving a loss or dealing with new challenges in life, an honest and empathetic conversation can help them process what’s bothering them. Furthermore, it may reveal why they’re feeling down and offer other ways to lift their spirits.
  2. Your loved ones may feel undervalued if they aren’t able to contribute or participate fully in the festivities as they used to. To make them feel valued, remind them that they play an essential part in your life and your family’s lives, as well as these annual holiday celebrations. Let them know you love them and encourage them to do what they’re capable of.
  3. New activities and interactions with younger generations can benefit seniors’ mental health. Check with the activities director and local schools or extracurricular programs if they can arrange for children to visit or perform for the residents at a senior living community. 
  4. Loneliness can significantly impact the emotional wellness of seniors, so in addition to social and cultural events at a community like The Merion, pet therapy might also provide entertainment, socialization and purpose. 
  5. You and your loved one can prepare traditional baked goods together. Bringing familiar treats representing your holiday traditions to an independent living community is a great way to share something special during the holidays to enjoy and share with their friends. Send your loved one a package with treats, seasonal produce, or themed decor to decorate their private space. At The Merion, our private dining rooms offer the perfect setting for families to connect over tasty favorites and share in the holiday spirit.
  6. Decorate the room or home of the resident in a senior living community with festive touches. While unpacking cherished decorations, many seniors enjoy reflecting on previous holidays. Find out about the unique pieces in their collection and ask them about them. To create a homey, inviting atmosphere, you can use removable window clings, garlands, artificial wreaths or floral arrangements in senior apartments.
  7. The holidays are a time to focus on the true meaning of family gatherings. At The Merion, we offer holiday programming for a variety of religious beliefs so you can celebrate however you like.
  8. Spending time with seniors this season is the most important way to make them feel loved and included. Look at family photos, watch holiday movies, or make crafts together. Whatever you decide, any time together is precious.

However you and your loved ones plan to come together for the holidays, The Merion’s world-class lifestyle offers life-enriching amenities, a variety of floor plans, and helpful services as a sensible solution to senior loneliness. 

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