Understanding the Value of a Rental Senior Living Community

Rental senior living communities offer both financial and lifestyle benefits, making them a popular choice for savvy seniors. Rental agreements at communities like The Merion provide independent seniors with freedom, financial flexibility, and access to an active lifestyle.

Read on to learn about five of the biggest benefits of moving to a rental senior living community. And if you’re a real estate agent, financial advisor or lawyer, you can use this information to help your client understand the value of a senior living rental agreement.

What Is a Rental Senior Living Community?

One of the most popular living arrangements for seniors is to rent an apartment home at a senior living community. Rental communities help seniors stay in control of their finances while taking advantage of resort-like amenities and an independent lifestyle.

As a rental senior living community focused on independent living, The Merion offers fine dining and lifestyle amenities in arts, culture, health and fitness. Lifelong learning opportunities, a social activities calendar and spiritual wellness courses are integrated into community culture, too.

In addition to those just mentioned, there are many other upsides to a rental “residency agreement.”

The Benefits of a Rental Senior Living Community

1. More financial control. Senior rental communities make estate planning easier because residents pay a predictable monthly rate. In addition to eliminating hefty entrance fees to secure a spot in the community, older adults can free up equity in their homes by making the move to senior living.

2. Socialization. Making friends and connecting with others is easy when you live in a senior living community. At a rental community, seniors can trade in home maintenance for the experiences and enriching activities that are built into the community lifestyle.

3. No maintenance. The responsibility of owning property comes with unpredictable costs and burdens on free time. At The Merion, daily and weekly maintenance teams keep everything clean and running smoothly. This is one of the most popular perks of moving from a house to the maintenance-free life at a senior living community.

4. Perfectly sized for older adults. Senior living communities are focused on accessibility and convenience. Residences are built with accommodations and modifications for seniors to make everyday life that much easier. Check out The Merion’s Floor Plan Fit Calculator to explore residential options.

The Merion: Creating a Life Your Client Will Love

The Merion is an upscale retirement community giving older adults the freedom to do the things they like best. We offer senior living in comfort and style with the bustling energy of downtown Evanston right outside the door.

Contact us today to learn more about how an independent living lifestyle can work for your client.