The Upside of Downsizing Part 2: Emotional Relief

We all like our stuff. Why wouldn’t we? We bought it!


There comes a time in all our lives where less really is more. This is when we all think about downsizing. Giving up some of your household items can be a scary process, but for many, like The Merion resident Betty Chacharon, it can be rewarding and life-changing.


“It was time to make a change,” Betty said. She lived in her house for 41 years before deciding to downsize. After her husband passed away, she lived by herself for over four years.


It had become more challenging for Betty to drive to see her friends, and with her family living on both coasts of the country, she was ready to move. After searching around the North Shore area, she found her perfect fit at The Merion senior living community in downtown Evanston, IL.


With that decision, came the next step. Downsizing. “I was ready, and it wasn’t hard for me emotionally,” Betty said. Her experience with downsizing was one of relief. “It allows you to get organized. And maintaining less space allows you some more time to do things more enjoyable and have more time for yourself,” she said.


Betty had a lot to downsize from, but she had help from her family. Her son, niece, nephew and other family members came to help organize, donate and take the items Betty didn’t need anymore. Her niece still keeps her dining set in her home today. “I was happy they kept it,” Betty said. “I knew my things were going to good places.”


Not only was the process relieving for Betty; it helped her family, too. By deciding to downsize and move to The Merion, Betty’s family doesn’t have to worry about her well-being every day.


At The Merion, Betty lives in a community with friendly people and all kinds of activities to do. Her two-bedroom apartment gives her the space she needs without being too much to take care of. She still has the space for family to come and stay with her.


She enjoys taking walks, going to concerts, attending four to five exercise classes per week, and playing bridge twice a week. She also regularly goes to activities outside her community with friends including a recent architectural boat tour and a visit to a botanical garden.


Downsizing doesn’t have to be the end of your freedom. It can actually be the beginning. For Betty and thousands of other seniors, downsizing is an opportunity to experience life like you truly deserve to.