Why Chicago, IL, Seniors Should Move to Senior Living Before Winter Hits

That season is upon us!

The holidays bring presents, baking, gift-giving, and, for Chicagoans, snow.

Seniors, especially those still at home, can expect to experience increased challenges due to the cold temperatures, snowy sidewalks and icy weather.

If you’ve been considering senior living, you might want to make moving to a community a priority, particularly as cold weather approaches the Windy City. Winter brings some specific advantages to seniors living in independent living communities, but these advantages apply year-round.

Keep reading to learn more about how The Merion, a senior living community, helps older adults prepare for and endure Chicago’s winter weather.

A Safe Community

Seniors must be extra cautious during winter to avoid slips and falls on ice and accidents on hazardous roadways. Many winter safety concerns can be put to rest  when you move to senior living.

The snow on the driveway and sidewalk in neighborhoods can cause roadside emergencies for seniors living in independent living. Instead of worrying about how icy weather will impact daily routines, seniors can enjoy the season without worrying about winter maintenance, as dedicated staff will be busy removing snow.

Grocery shopping in the winter can also be challenging for seniors. They may have to fight large crowds while just trying to get their usual groceries in snowy weather. At The Merion, the pantry’s kept full! You won’t run out of food in a storm since restaurant-style dining is right on site. And there are often shuttles to the store so senior residents can safely and easily pick up exactly what they need.

A Healthy Community

The hazards of winter illness can be avoided by living in a community like The Merion, where seniors live in cozy, clean residences and enjoy disinfected common areas. Additionally, health professionals at The Merion can pair you up with trusted health care providers to treat any illnesses or injuries that might occur.

Seniors’ health and safety are also at risk during the cold winter months when home upkeep is neglected. In fact, older adults are more likely to get sick when working outside all day. Seniors who fall can be hospitalized or susceptible to infection and forced to endure a long recovery. It’s even more important to clean up snow tracked indoors after errands or yard work.

A Community Focused on Wellness

Sunlight and fresh air are easily available to seniors in spring and summer, but staying active and getting enough exercise is a bit harder for seniors in the winter. Playing golf, tennis, or walking outdoors is impossible when the temperature drops and piles of snow are everywhere. And the fact is, an inactive senior is at much greater risk of illness, isolation and depression.

Fortunately, one of the ways seniors can stay active when the weather isn’t cooperating is by moving into a senior living community. At The Merion, fitness classes such as aerobics and yoga are held daily, and the indoor pool is always available for a few relaxing or vigorous laps.

An Engaged Community

With winter isolation often comes depression. Senior living offers countless engaging and social events to keep spirits high.

Clubs and a full calendar of activities are regularly offered at senior living communities like The Merion. Even when they can’t go outside, seniors keep their hands and minds busy with activities such as lifelong learning, book clubs, crafts and game nights. Activities like these help seniors avoid loneliness and strengthen their connection to the community.

Having new neighbors means spending more time with them, eating together, and participating in activities. At The Merion, life is enjoyable no matter the weather – engaging and fun, as social as you like, and completely free from winter worries.

The Merion: Where Active Seniors Thrive.

The Merion is an upscale retirement community that gives you the freedom to do the things you want. We offer independent living in comfort and style, with the bustling energy of downtown Evanston just outside your door.

Want to learn about the transition to a senior living community like The Merion? Check out our On The Move program.