Lifelong Learning in Evanston, Illinois

Satisfy Your Passion for Learning

University towns like Evanston present a unique opportunity for lifelong learning. Our residents are regular visitors to the Northwestern University campus, just 4 blocks from The Merion. As members of OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute), Northwestern’s senior education program, they engage in a wide-ranging and intellectually challenging curriculum, with activities in and beyond the classroom.

Join a community where you can seek knowledge for the sheer joy of it. Whether you pursue classes at OLLI, or take advantage of the many stimulating clubs, discussion groups or outings offered at The Merion, you’ll meet seasoned learners of all ages, from all walks of life.

Take part in:

  • Writers’ discussions and workshops
  • Current events discussions
  • Computer classes
  • Literary presentations and workshops
  • Multicultural programs
  • Contemporary roundtable talks

Discover myriad opportunities for lifelong learning at The Merion.

We're giving away $8,000 to new residents.

We're giving away $8,000 to new residents. When you deposit by December 31, you could secure up to $2,000 toward your first month's rent. When the money's gone, so is this offer. To schedule your in-person or virtual tour connect with us here or call 1-877-343-0506.