Are My Parents Ready for Senior Living?

You might have noticed your parents need a bit more help these days.  

The house they grew up in and raised you in may now be too much work to maintain, or perhaps recent changes to their health have begun to concern you. Maybe they’re talking about selling the place and moving to an independent living residence. 

Helping your parents move to a senior living community gives both you and them the chance for a new experience. 

Learn more about the seven hints that now’s the time for your parents to consider senior living.

Seven Hints That Indicate Your Parents Could Benefit from Senior Living

  1. It’s too hard for them to keep up with home maintenance.

    It might have been practical to raise a family in your parents’ beautiful three- or four-bedroom home, but houses have a way of becoming a lot of work – more of a hassle than a castle. Those who move to a senior living community can stop worrying about the burden of home maintenance – from raking leaves to dealing with ice or snow and making small repairs, communities do it all for you.
  2. Recent changes in your parents’ health have raised new concerns about their safety.

    It’s natural for someone’s health to change as they age, but a different living situation – one where your parents’ health needs are properly addressed by a licensed team – might be more suitable for them.
  3. More convenience would be nice for your parents.

    Communities offer an abundance of amenities and services, right outside your loved one’s door. At The Merion, enjoy all-day and in-residence dining, a game room, library, salon, indoor saltwater pool, ice cream shop, wellness programming and more!
  4. Future planning is becoming more and more important.

    Has your family begun to think about the future needs of your parents? It might seem convenient for seniors to stay at home for as long as possible, but many prefer moving to a community sooner rather than later to take advantage of an independent, active lifestyle. Should your parents need care down the road, they’ll have access to 24/7 assistance with Merion Health Services.
  5. Your parents’ retirement plans are under review.

    Financial planning for retirement involves new considerations, including the option of downsizing to a rental senior living community, which requires no long-term commitments and leaves your nest egg in your hands. This residency model can help your parents ease financial concerns and budget for other exciting things, like their new 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom or studio apartment at The Merion.
  6. Extra hands could be useful.

    Who wouldn’t want a helping hand? As your parents age, living in a community with a physically capable staff can help ease their everyday concerns. Expert team members are available to help your parents when and where they need it, be it with putting up a frame, troubleshooting technology problems or arranging transportation.
  7. Your parents want more independence and fun in their retirement years.

    By moving to senior living, your parents can continue to pursue the activities they enjoy, along with new clubs, lifelong learning programs, a fitness center, fine dining, and more. The retirement lifestyle they’ve always wanted is now possible – and with fewer worries than ever – at The Merion.

If any of these sound like your parents or loved ones, it might be time to talk with them about senior living.

This Is How The Merion Helps You Live Your Best Life.

Just minutes from downtown Chicago in Evanston, IL, The Merion is an upscale senior living rental community giving your parents the freedom to do the things they want. We offer independent living with comfort, style, and the satisfying energy of a desirable urban setting.