High-End Senior Living Dining at The Merion

chef preparing a fine dining plate of food

March 22, 2022

When it comes to senior dining, The Merion sets the standard.

In recent years, an exceptional dining experience in senior living communities has become more common. Keep reading to learn about how the dining experience at The Merion leads in this area.

A New Senior Living Dining Trend

A new and exciting trend in senior living dining is the development of a new relationship with food. To stay on the cutting edge, we emphasize choice, fun and deliciousness in our dining program at The Merion.

By learning the ways in which residents enjoy food and their nutritional needs, we are able to best plan meals for a fun and independent lifestyle. Chefs prepare nutrition plans in order to ensure older adults have access to appropriate dining options in retirement communities.

The Dining Experience at The Merion

The Merion boasts inspired menus and impeccable services that are guided by a dedicated team.

“Our dining program is built upon a foundation of hospitality and our personal mission to offer the best food, the best service and a very friendly team,” says Alberto Riquelme, The Merion’s Director of Dining Services.

The Merion’s culinary team is unmatched in skill and imagination, and our team of chefs, which includes an executive chef and a sous chef, creates exquisite, made-to-order meals from locally sourced ingredients. The team also features a world-class pastry chef renowned for his delicious desserts and baked goods.

Our extensive menus offer options to suit all tastes and dietary needs, including vegetarian or vegan:

It’s these options and Alberto’s personal mission that inspire The Merion’s high standard for senior dining.

“Dining is such a significant part of living in a senior living community,” he says. “Here at The Merion, our culinary team will continue to focus on seasonal ingredients and making sure that our residents’ dietary needs are met.”

How The Merion Helps You Live Your Best Life

Just minutes from downtown Chicago, The Merion is an upscale retirement community with a full calendar of activities for independent seniors. We offer independent living in North Shore comfort, style and grace.