On The Move at The Merion: Independent Living in 2022

When it comes to moving from your home into a senior living community, the process can be overwhelming. Whether you rent a moving truck or enlist friends and family to help, it’s a journey that can leave you feeling exhausted. But what if it were so much easier than that?

What if there was someone to help you all along the way?

Our certified staff at The Merion can make moving into independent living a breeze. Make your switch to the retirement lifestyle you always imagined without even hiring movers.

Keep reading to learn more.

Our On The Move Program

If organizing and downsizing for a new chapter of your life sounds a bit daunting, why not let The Merion’s On The Move Program handle it for you?

On The Move is a full-service downsizing and packing program that pairs incoming residents with a personal moving consultant. They will visit your home to discuss all the details of how you envision your move, then help you plan it out. Our team is fully certified by the National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers.

The program can help with any stage of the transition into independent living. This means if you need to sell some of your stuff, your consultant can help with what to keep, sell or donate. Or maybe you’re unsure how to budget for moving expenses. They can help with that, too.

How Does the On The Move Program Work?

When the consultant arrives at your home, they will be ready to discuss any stage of the move. This includes downsizing, packing and then unpacking at The Merion. The consultant will assess your needs, room by room, and determine what moving supplies you need.

They will assist with as little or as much as you require of them, even helping you determine a moving timeline. Other services include ordering any other packing materials and referring trustworthy moving companies. If you so wish, they’ll even help you start packing and label your belongings, organizing them with the utmost care.

In the days leading up to the move, your consultant can provide any move-related paperwork, close utility accounts, and handle any other details as they arise. They will also coordinate with your movers on moving day, making sure that any important documents are easily accessible for your first night at The Merion.

Once you arrive, they can help you with unpacking and setting up your kitchen and bathroom.

Learn More About Independent Living at The Merion

In the heart of Evanston, The Merion offers a well-appointed senior living experience that gives you the freedom to do the things you want. Come visit us to see how you can pursue happiness in North Shore comfort and style.

The Merion: Where All Doors Open to the Heart of the City

For those seeking a senior lifestyle burgeoning with intellectual stimulation, rich friendships, myriad opportunities to immerse themselves in culture, and a city at their feet, there’s no place like The Merion. Located at 1611 Chicago Avenue in downtown Evanston, The Merion offers you a city. All of Evanston is at your door, with its shopping, entertainment, dining, lakeshore, cultural opportunities and everything else you know and love.

The Merion is truly retirement living elevated to a higher level. Comfortable, well-appointed rental residences are designed for independent living, with conscientious staff taking care of home maintenance, housekeeping and laundry. Dining is superb, with a renowned culinary team on board for delectable meals and magical desserts. The Merion Wellness Center is available for 24/7 emergency response, as well as routine health services. À la carte assistance-in-living support is also offered daily, while MerionCares, the proprietary health and wellness program, provides countless ways to age well and wisely.

For more information about elevated senior living in Evanston, please contact us by calling 847-250-0667.